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5 Reasons Dogs Eat Grass

why dogs eat grass

It seems like my dogs eat grass just to defy me sometimes. Every time I let my dogs outside, one of them inevitably starts mowing the lawn, so to speak. After some research, I learned this is actually a normal behavior for dogs and there can be several reasons why your dog likes to chew on grass blades.

Reasons Why Dogs Like To Eat Grass

  • Nutrient Deficiency: The reason some dogs eat grass is that they may lack certain vitamins and minerals. If you suspect this is the case with your dog, a chewable vitamin supplement might help.
  • Anxiety: Dogs can experience anxiety over anything from thunderstorms to household changes. This kind of behavior can lead to excessive grass consumption as the act tends to provide a coping mechanism for dogs. A pet CBD oil may help reduce your dog’s environmental nervousness.
  • An eating disorder: Some veterinarians label this behavior as a disorder called pica, the act of consuming strange objects.
  • Instinct: Dogs naturally crave the act of eating grass as part of their genetic makeup, dating back to when they hunted their food.
  • Upset Stomach: Occasionally, your dog may eat grass to help with digestive issues. As long as the grass in your yard is safe, there should be no problem with an occasional nibble of grass.
  • Enjoyment: Of course, some dogs simply enjoy the texture and taste of grass.

Steps To Keep Grass-Lovin’ Pets Healthy

  • Keep a dog-friendly backyard. Do not use pesticides that contain harmful ingredients. Think about making a special pet-friendly space in your backyard for your dog. Sometimes, dogs just get bored with their surroundings. If you have a backyard, your pet might enjoy his own dedicated space to explore.
  • Pet grass is a good choice for dogs, in moderation of course. This ready-to-grow packs of all-natural greens are loaded with nutrients like chlorophyll, carotene, antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Let’s face it. Dogs eat grass. We might as well provide a safe form of grass for them to munch.
  • Clean up dog’s waste: Reduce the risk of parasite transmission by disposing of dog poop regularly with a pet rake to reduce back pain. This will at least keep your grass clean and reduce the chances of parasites which can make your dog sick.

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April Olshavsky, a retired dog groomer, AKC evaluator, and certified dog trainer, now channels her canine expertise into the digital realm as a website designer and content writer. And yes, she absolutely loves dogs - so much so that she spends her spare time subtly convincing her husband to make room for yet another furry friend. 🐶💻

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