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Best Pet Urine Eliminator For Hard Wood Floors

pet urine eliminator
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Are you tired of your pets urinating and smelling up your beautiful hard wood floors? Make sure to choose a pet urine eliminator that is specially designed for hard wood floors and won’t stain or dry out the wood. These special pet urine elimnators can be used to absolve the enzymes that cause your pet’s urine to have that awful smell in the first place.

Before you choose a product, make sure that it is safe for use on hard wood floors like the Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner. When I worked in the training department at PetSmart, Nature’s Miracle was our go-to brand recommendation. Keep in mind, Nature’s Miracle makes dozens of varieties of formulas. Make sure you look for the one that is specially made for the protection of hard floors. The great thing about this product is can be used on sealed wood, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and ceramic tile. Not only does this product help with odors, but it can also help remove stains created from pet accidents. Spray the affected area and let sit for five minutes. Wipe away with a cloth or paper towels. No need to rinse. 75% of reviewers gave this product a 5 star review, which is pretty good. One of the issues people have with the product is that it has kind of an odd scent that some find to be irritating. While it is safe for pets, it is still a chemical. As with all chemicals, some people have a lower tolerance for certain chemicals. I would allow proper ventilation for an hour or two. Personally, I wouldn’t say it has a terrible odor. I mean, what could be worse than urine smell, am I right?

If you want a product that not only is a pet urine eliminator, but also has a cleansing fragrance, I recommend checking out the Angry Orange Dog & Cat Urine Destroyer for Floors & Carpet. Made with the citrusy oils cold-pressed from orange peels, this odor eliminator seems like hands down the way to go, if you’re a person who loves the smell of oranges. Let’s just think about this for a second. Would you rather smell the glorious smell of fresh, ripe oranges, or the revolting stench of your cat’s morning pee? One thing to note: That orange oil contains a plant terpene limonene which a tough anti-bacterial agent. This product claims to kill bacteria for up to 80 hours after application. So, for soiled area this is useful. Some users of this spray claim the spray only masks the odor rather than eliminates it. To avoid this from happening, you want to leave the spray on the odor stain for the recommended period of time of five minutes. 72% of Amazon customers gave this product a 5 star review, coming in just a few points shy of the good ole’ tried and loved Nature’s Miracle.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried one of these products. Check out my blog for more of my personal tips and recommendations.

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