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  • Our grooming salon offers all the grooming services you are looking for, including haircuts, baths, tick treatments, nail clipping, teethbrushing, and ear cleaning. Cuts for Mutts Grooming in Phoenix is located just off I-17 and Dunlap, near Metro Center Mall.
  • Dogs are not caged, and remain on the own leash while they are waiting for you. Plenty of water and bathroom breaks are available.
  • We offer some of the lowest grooming rates in the valley. Cuts for Mutts Grooming is a separate studio add-on to my Phoenix home. Your dog will enjoy all the benefits of a quiet home environment, without the fuss of a busy retail store.
  • Because we work with many rescues facing traumatic grooming needs, we are one of the few groomers in Phoenix that do not require proof of vaccinations. It is your responsibility to make sure your pet stays up-to-date on vaccinations. Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized in between grooming other dogs. If you prefer to have your dog be the only one in the salon at the time, we can arrange that. Please note, any dogs with wounds, cuts, or appears stressed, aggressive, or ill will be refused.
  • The groomer has over 6 years professional grooming experience, and a lifetime of training dogs. Be sure and ask us how we can help you teach your dog good behaviors like stay and walk on a leash. Proof of vaccinations are required for training classes.
  • Because I like to devote all my attention to the dogs I am working on, all phone calls are returned at the end of the day. ┬áIf you would like an immediate appointment for today, please text me April at 480-382-1202. If you would like to book something later in the week, you can contact us here to book an appointment.

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