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How to Brush Your Dog Like a Pro VIDEO

If you love your dog’s long, flowing locks, make sure to keep it that way by brushing your dog regularly. Watch the video below to learn how to brush your dog like a pro.


How to brush and dematt your dog at homeĀ 


With regular coat-brushing, you will avoid painful matting of your dog’s coat. Your dog will also enjoy the extra attention from you. Make sure to use the right tools for your dog’s hair. If you are not sure, ask your groomer for brush recommendations. Your groomer can show you how to brush your dog to keep him fluffy and avoid a shave down.

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April Olshavsky

April Olshavsky

Our website was founded by AKC trainer and retired groomer April Olshavsky. Sadly, April was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition that caused her to stop her full-time grooming business. Now, April shares her knowledge with the world in hopes of helping dogs and their pet parents live long, happy lives together.

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