Washing A Dog At Home: Bathing White Dogs

Washing a dog at home is the best way to keep your dog looking great in between grooming appointments. A good dog bath can make dog not only look better, but feel better, too. Washing a dog that is white, or light in color¬†often presents a challenge to some pet parents. White dog breeds such […]

5 Deshedding Tool Must-Haves For Dogs

best deshedding tool options

Healthy dogs shed as a way of loosing old, unneeded hair that consists of the undercoat. Several breeds bulk up on hair during the cooler months and lose it in the warmer months. If your dog’s hair is flying around the house, it might be time to invest in a quality deshedding tool. Deshed blade: […]

How to Brush Your Dog Like a Pro VIDEO

If you love your dog’s long, flowing locks, make sure to keep it that way by brushing your dog regularly. Watch the video below to learn how to brush your dog like a pro.   How to brush and dematt your dog at home¬†   With regular coat-brushing, you will avoid painful matting of your […]