When your dog is fresh and clean, his attitude changes. A groomed dog is a loved dog. Specializing in the care of mutts and rescued dogs in Phoenix.

Our Phoenix grooming salon is a family owned and operated grooming salon. When your dog walks through our door, he is greeted by name by your groomer, April, and two bathing assistants. Our bathing assistants (my children)  Hailee and Michael are fully trained bathers, each with five years of experience in dog hygiene. Your dog can walk around and explore the salon, while you discuss your dog’s grooming needs and health history.

We never overbook, so your dog will have a quiet, comfortable place to relax. Salons that overbook are often full of kennels of stressed-out, barking dogs, which  can also stress your dog. Your dog is never caged at Cuts for Mutts unless you request it. Leashed walks in fenced in backyard if needed.

In case of an emergency…

Make sure we have a current cell phone number on file in case of an emergency. If your dog exhibits signs of stress or illness such as diarrhea, or vomiting we will need to be able to get a hold of you right away. 





Did you know that dogs visit the groomer more in their lifetime, than they visit their veterinarian?  It’s true! That’s why providing a brief health history to your groomer can be such a vital component to the health of your dog. While we can not diagnose or treat, we can help with early detection of skin growths, dental problems, and ear infections by bringing these things to your attention.